10 Emulators that Make Your Computer the Retro Console

Let’s look at game emulators. They are programs that run on the PC. A majority of people grew up playing one or more video games. Super Mario, Tetris & Pacman Whatever you want were a part of our childhood. Sometimes, we’d like to go back to our childhoods, however, it’s a challenge to find these games.

A second option is to play these classic games using an emulator. There are plenty of video game emulators that can recreate consoles from the past.

In this article we’ll present to 10 emulators that can let you play the games you played as a kid over and over.

Before we start it is important to keep in mind that emulating is legal. However downloading ROM images off the web (a copy that is in software format) is not legal.

Emulators are made to play games you already have and you will have to dump the ROM images from the cartridges yourself.

1. RetroArch

RetroArch is able to run games on almost every retro console. It can play Playstation 1 games older than XP. It can also run handheld game consoles such as Game Boy Advance.

RetroArch is actually built on cores, each mimicking a console i.e. GBA will be getting its own core in conjunction with NES. RetroArch is a tool to make new emulators. It’s also possible to use it on modern consoles.

RetroArch is compatible with Windows, macOS Linux, and mobile devices.

2. OpenEmu

OpenEmu that is inspired by Retroarch, aims to provide a Mac-like experience.by link https://rom-rom-rom.top/ website It allows you to organize your collection using an interface that appears similar to iTunes.

Retroarch doesn’t have the same amount of consoles that Retroarch has therefore the default download will not work. However there is an experimental version that will.

OpenEmu is the ideal choice when you own an old Mac with a lot of video games. With it, you’ll be able to manage your collection by using an elegant front-end. OpenEmu can help you name the games and get the box art online instantly.

OpenEmu can be used with macOS.

3. Dolphin

Dolphin is an emulator for GameCube/Wii. Currently, Dolphin can emulate a 7th generation console (PS3/XBox 360/Wii), as well as emulate it well. It is because of internals which are similar to those of the GameCube. The emulator boast a high compatibility score, so it is very likely that your most loved games can run on it.

The emulator can run GameCube Games on HD Widescreens even when they’re not supported by the emulator. It is under constant improvement, with the latest capability to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, so you can expect constant improvements and updates.

Dolphin is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux.

4. PCSX2

The Playstation 2 is a top-selling console. It is now possible to access its vast backlog of games with PCSX2!

The emulator comes with one disadvantage: it requires a very powerful computer to be able to run the PS2’s internals. But, if you have that covered, most games that run on the console can be run.

PCSX2 is a plug-in system which allows you to upgrade your games to HD. A Mac version is available, however it has not been upgraded.

PCSX2 can be used on Windows as well as Linux.


Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable To Play Portably (PPSSPP), the latest emulator, was made to run PSP games. It was created by one of Dolphin’s co-founders. The emulator is very easy to setup and can play many PSP games.

You can also transfer your PSP files into it, and you can go back to where you were. PPSSPP is still in development. The latest features and fixes are added regularly.

PPSSPP is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile devices.

If you know of more emulators that should be on this list, contact us via the comments.