These are among the best 2022 games so far

From racing around the Nurburgring and brain-smart androids on the run and compiling the world’s first Pokedex and tackling robot dinosaurs. Here are the top games of the year so far


The clever, shared word game was the heart of the year. It was a feel-good story that half the people around the world were enticed to try to guess the word. Wordlemania has probably slowed down a bit since the New York Times took over, but it will still be a major game in 2022.

What we said: “The simplicity is the charm. One Wordle is released every single day, and it’s the same one for everyone around the world. There aren’t any ads nor are there any annoying notifications asking for you to come back every morning or to purchase new skins … the game’s refusal to be a part of the capitalist systems that characterize so many video games present day has a refreshing and innocent appeal. Long might Wordle remain this pure.”

Elden Ring

Amazing and complex action-fantasy video game created by Hidetaka Mikaziki, one the greatest game directors in the world, and FromSoftware A seemingly endless group of developers.At site salmanzafar from Our Articles This is a world in which you never know what you’ll come across, where you’ll get overcome 50 times, yet always want to come back to discover more.

The conclusion we reached was that video games can contain a myriad of artistic projects. They all share one purpose: to create an engaging imaginative world full of fascinating mystery and captivating secrets, and rich opportunities to compete or cooperate. They are a kind of liminal space where a determined player can fix what is broken or even re-order chaos. Elden Ring can be described as the most outstanding videogame ever made.

OlliOlli World

The fun game of skateboarding comes with a cool soundtrack and a unique soundtrack and an alternative art style. You’ll create a cute little skater and customise your board. You’ll then take your skateboard on dreamy, surreal landscapes while wall-riding and slamming across rails.

We said: “From its free-spirited counterculture flavour to its flamboyant aesthetic it’s the gaming equivalent of the weekend getaway to Brighton: an interactive experience for people who cannot skate, but will buy a new pair of Vans nonetheless.”

Horizon Forbidden West

While it’s a dauntingly vast game, it’s an absolute pleasure to explore the post-apocalyptic US along with Aloy, a red-haired warrior. Afflicting fear on robot dinosaurs and fighting tribes present dangers, and fighting them is fun the deeper into the game you go. However, it’s the entire world, with its tempting treasures and amazing sights and characters that provides the intrigue. It’s astonishing, even after you spend more than 50 hours playing.

What we said was: “It was when I went out in the world, following whatever trails it was that Horizon brought me joy. I spent countless hours there searching for random artifacts that I could find from old train stations , or wrecked planes, and scrapping with the terrifying mechanical creatures that swarm the streets.”

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Arceus The game, which is the first significant shakeup in the twenty-five-year-old Pokemon game, sees you playing more as research assistant rather than battler. It takes you back to the past and lets you help to create the first Pokedex. Even though it is subpar however, it’s able to inspire even older millennials to be amazed by the wild animals and creatures they inhabit.

What we said was: “Twenty six years after I first spotted my first Pokemon. The franchise isn’t yet established and that same joyous excitement is returning.”

Total War: Warhammer III

The epic, operatic fantasy war games trilogy’s finale has eight factions comprised of ogres, daemons, dwarves and undead epic battles and sieges to protect their empires. A huge sandbox that is a joy to Warhammer players to enjoy.

What we thought: “Warhammer has always shown the ability to keep its tongue firmly in the air as it builds worlds with genuine imagination. Creative Assembly is the culmination of this trilogy, which includes some of the best – as well as funniest – writing.”


Tunic is an adventure game that is very similar to Zelda’s old-school Zelda reminds you of the days of having to read a book whenever you got stuck. The abandoned temples and dungeons contain a mystifying array of challenges and creatures that stimulate your imagination , as well as your reflexes and brain. It’s adorable too.

We said it was a privilege that a sport doesn’t push you towards the next target, but instead gives players the ability to think.

Nintendo Switch Sports

This fun and friendly sports game allows you to compete with your family, friends even strangers with bowling, tennis, football, and sword fighting. Its motion controls are entertaining and easy for anyone to pick up and play with ease, but not without precision. The kids will have a joy playing this game.

We have stated that each of these sports cannot be able to play a full game on its own, but when they are coupled with Nintendo’s charming and sleek aesthetic, as well as brain-boosting music and fun that is the recipe for incredible fun.

Gran Turismo 7

This meticulous racing simulation has remained the most authentic video gaming experience, while maintaining its distinctive quirky nature. If you’d like to know the experience of having to race around the Nurburgring 24-hour circuit in torrential rain at night, GT7 will let you. If you want to collect the cars that are rendered in awe-inspiring detail then you can do that as well (though the in-game economy still has some flaws that need to be worked out). This is a dazzling tribute to car culture.

We wrote: “It is reassuring to know that Gran Turismo retains its distinct, unique design despite ever increasing technical improvement.” It’s also in the grab-bag mode, which demonstrates how a race between 17 brake horsepower Fiat500s and 50 cars can be equally engaging as a race.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Star Wars Adventures is a fun for the whole family that takes players through the Star Wars films with slapstick humor. There’s a range of collectibles and jokes for everyone Star Wars fan, as in addition to everything their parents could want. It’s fascinating to see how technology has enhanced this humble series of games.

We said: “These games have always been trying to create our favorite family-friendly films as we chose to recall these films, devoid of the unnecessary, indulgent and problematic bits.” You can even enjoy The Phantom Menace here, my god.

Citizen Sleeper

A computer owned by a company is on the run. You are on a spaceship that has turned into a dump and strive to live in peace. This is a thoughtfuland thoughtful game that utilizes expressive images and text to convey its concepts of technology and humanity. It’s more of a cerebral experience than many sci-fi.

What we thought: “The characters have been so well drawn both literally and figuratively that it’s tempting to invest as much money as you can in the space around you.”


NORCO, a recent game that has become a hit in videogame storytelling is a clever and compelling portrait about a community at risk. It is built on the experiences of its creators, who were raised in Norco, Louisiana, a real-life refinery town. This is a point-and click adventure with interesting, detailed pixels. It’s fun, cut and well-written. A highly enjoyable piece of environmentalist and social commentary that is part satire and part representation of a sickly society.