These are the top 2022 games thus far.

These are the most popular games of the year which include racing around the Nurburgring to tackling robotic dinosaurs to assembling the Pokedex, and cerebral androids robbing the streets,


This clever, shared word game was the defining moment of the year. It was a jolly tale that had the entire world was drawn to guess the word. Wordlemania might have diminished in the years since the New York Times took over in the year 2000, but it’ll remain a popular game until 2022.

What we have said: “The simplicity is the beauty. Everyday, a Wordle comes out. It’s the exact Wordle that is available to everyone. There are no ads, no annoying notifications requesting that you come back every day, and there are no new skins. The game’s rejections of capitalism that is the hallmark of many video games, has an unassuming, refreshing quality. Wordle could remain pure for as long as possible.

Elden Ring

A spectacular and inscrutable action-fantasy video game by one of the greatest game directors in the world today, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and the seemingly inexhaustibly skilled developers at FromSoftware.More Here salmanzafar At our site This is a world where you don’t know what you’ll find in the game, where you could be defeated 50 times and you’ll want to learn more.

It was said that video games can be a representation of all kinds of artistic ambitions as well as kinds of things. However, they all have an objective: make a compelling and believable fictional world that is filled with intriguing mysteries, enchanting mysteries, and enthralling opportunities to compete and collaborate. They provide a liminal place where a determined player can repair what’s broken or even re-order chaos. Elden Ring can be described as the greatest videogame ever created.

OlliOlli World

A relaxing skateboarding experience with cool vibes, an amazingly cool soundtrack, and an aptly alternative art style. You create a cute little skater, customize your board , and then take it out across surreal, dreamy landscapes. You’ll be grinding on rails, and wall-riding billboards held up by giant bees. You try to get as many tricks as you can within each carefully designed and crafted game.

We said: “From its free-spirited counterculture flavour to its flamboyant aesthetic, this is the game equivalent to the weekend getaway to Brighton: an interactive experience for people who cannot skate but are determined to buy a new pair of Vans anyway.”

Horizon Forbidden West

While it’s a dauntingly vast game, it’s incredibly enjoyable to explore the post-apocalyptic US along with Aloy a red-haired savage. The threat of frightening robotic dinosaurs or conflicting tribes is real, it’s not the fun aspect. It’s the world with its beautiful beauty, incredible sights, and unique characters that make the game so exciting. After 50 hours in the game, you’ll never tire of how incredible it looks.

We said that Horizon was the time I was exploring the world and following any trails I came across. I spent a lot of time there finding random objects that had been rescued from wrecked trains or crashed planes and battling the scary mechanical creatures that haunt the region.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The first significant shake-up in the regular 25-year-old Pokemon strategy, Arceus has you playing as more of a research assistant than combater, and travel back to the past to build the very first Pokedex, the Pokemon encyclopedia. Although it’s not the best however, it’s able to inspire even older millennials to awe at the wild animals and creatures they inhabit.

What we said: “Twenty-six years after I had my first Pokemon, the franchise is back and that same gleeful exhilaration is back.”

Total War: Warhammer III

The epic, operatic fantasy war games trilogy’s finale features eight factions composed of daemons/dwarves/undead and ogres fighting massive battles and sieges in order to protect their empires. Sandboxes are a great location to play Warhammer players to have fun.

We said: “Warhammer has always shown a remarkable capacity to keep its tongue firmly in the air while worldbuilding with earnest imagination. Creative Assembly is the final chapter in this trilogy, which contains some of the best and hilarious writing.”


Tunic is an adventure game very similar to Zelda’s old-school Zelda it reminds you of the time when you had to read a book whenever you got stuck. The temples and dungeons that are left behind contain various puzzles and creatures that will challenge your imagination and stimulate your reflexes. Also, it’s adorable.

We said: “It’s a luxury not to be forced to reach the next objective. Instead, it permits you to think about the future.”

Nintendo Switch Sports

Play with your family and friends – or online strangers – playing bowling, tennis badminton, sword fighting, volleyball, and football in this friendly and fun games of variety. Motion controls in the game make it easy for anyone to play, however it requires some expertise. This game is extremely loved by children.

We stated that none of these sports could keep up with a game on its own However, when they’re coupled with Nintendo’s charming and sophisticated aesthetic, brain-inducing songs and charming, it is the recipe for incredible fun.

Gran Turismo 7

This fastidious racing simulation remains the most realistic game driving experience, while maintaining its unique quirky nature. GT7 lets you be a part of the action during the rainy night at the Nurburgring 24-hour circuit. If you want to collect car models rendered in meticulous detail then you can do that too (though the in-game economy still has some flaws that need to be sorted out). This is a lavish celebration of car culture.

What we wrote: “It’s reassuring that despite the constant advancement in technology Gran Turismo’s distinctive, unusual character remains. It’s also available in grab-bag mode. This demonstrates how a race between 17 brake horsepower Fiat500s and 50 cars is equally gripping.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

A fun for the whole family that will take players through all the major Star Wars films in inimitable humor, offering an array of jokes, items that young Star Wars fan (or their parent) would ever want. It’s amazing to watch the evolution of technology in the series of games.

We said: “These games have always tried to bring back our favorite films as families select to recall them, without all the dull intoxicating, over-the-top and problematic aspects. It’s even possible to watch The Phantom Menace here, my god.

Citizen Sleeper

You’re an Android owned by a company wandering the streets living in a shabby spaceship and trying to make it through the day in peace. This thought-provoking game is played mostly with illustrations and engaging text. It explores the themes of technology, humanity, and the creative process slower and more delicately as other action-packed sci-fi.

What we thought: “The characters have been so well drawn literally and metaphorically that it’s tempting to put as much time as you can within your circle.”


A recent milestone in video game storytelling, NORCO is an insightful poetic portrait of communities and towns nearing collapse inspired by the stories of its developers growing as children in the actual town of a refinery called Norco, Louisiana. It is a point and click adventure that features Pixel art and detailed, interesting pixel art. The story is funny as well as clever and well-written. Part satire, and part portrait of a depressed world, this is an unforgettable work of environmentalist/social commentary.